Macrobiotic Information

These are Chikuyo’s original meal courses using local ingredients grown in The Birthplace of Mythology, Shimane, prepared through the macrobiotic cooking method.

These fresh, healthy ingredients of the San-in Region are raised in a bountiful, beautiful natural environment.
Please enjoy a variety of meals featuring seasonal San-in ingredients centered on complete grains like brown rice and vegetables (raised with organic farming methods).
As well as the message of gratitude for life from those ingredients…

Herbal Medicine Dishes

All foods in nature that make your body healthy (this includes things such as general foods, flowers, plants, and herbs) can be called herbal medicine ingredients.
You receive the seasonal power of nature that those ingredients contain, and then adjust your body’s unbalances and regulate your body’s internal environment.
Herbal medicine dishes also promote beauty and health, improve your physical condition, and prevent diseases before they occur. These dishes are prepared with the goal of improving your physical health.
While we do match meals to our customers’ needs and use herbal medicines that suit the various seasons, here at Chikuyo we provide seasonal herbal medicine dishes that you can casually enjoy.


We provide meals that combine seasonal local ingredients and herbs to create dishes that overflow with a sense for the seasons.
Ingredients that we use year-long include an ancient rice variety (reddish-black rice) that brings out the energy of the vegetables we use in our meals and yacon noodles made from yacon tubers grown on Mt. Daisen in Tottori.
Loaches, small fishes traditionally used in meals in the Yasugi area, are rich in calcium and chondroitin, which are important for maintaining the health of your bones and the smoothness of your joints. They also have collagen, which is why we recommend them as herbal medicine dish ingredients.
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