What is “Macrobiotic”?

“Macrobiotic” is comprised of three words: macro, meaning “large” or “long”; bio, meaning “life”; and tic, meaning “the art of” or “the study of”. It is a word that was used by ancient Greek philosophers.
Another translation is “The secret of longevity”.
“Macrobiotic” refers to a lifestyle and the techniques needed for it. It also refers to a way of thinking about things and the perspective you hold, even expanding out to mean a way of living that includes your worldview.

< The Two Major Principles of Macrobiotic Cooking >
- Enjoy all of the blessings of nature included in the ingredients.
- Eat the seasonal foods of the area where you live.

The chart above shows the guidelines for Kushi Macrobiotic Cooking. (in a temperate climate)
Michio Kushi, a world-renowned figure in medical dieting and dietary cures, proposed these guidelines, and presented them in a very easy-to-understand chart.
These guidelines for standard macrobiotic meals do not simply show the nutritional balance of things; it is considered to be acceptable to adjust it according to one’s condition and needs.
For example, you can adjust it according to the climate or environment where you are, gender and age differences between men and women, or how active you are.
(For those who are looking to cure illnesses, there are also strict implementation methods, and by putting Kushi Macrobiotic Cooking into practice, people have seen trends showing clear changes in physical condition and increased mental and physical health.)

Enjoy all of the blessings of life provided to us by the Earth.
By doing so, we humans can realize that we area also living creatures being allowed to live in the same environment as the foods we eat. We pray that this message will reach you from the healthy brown rice and vegetables we prepare for you.
We hope that this will bring more smiles to your faces.

From the entire staff of Chikuyo
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