Reddish-black rice (an ancient rice variety that is said to have been eaten by both Himiko and Shotoku Taishi)

We are very passionate about providing our guests with safe, delicious rice that has been cultivated using as little agrochemicals and chemical fertilizers as possible.

The brown rice we use won top honors at a rice competition in Tokyo in 2007.

Agricultural Producer:
Chippokena Kodawari Farm
Mr. Tadashi Yoshimura
Hirose-cho, Yasugi-shi

Organic Vegetables

The sun is the father, the earth the mother, and the vegetables grown the children.
We help those children grow up healthily.

Agricultural Producer:
Kamisako Farm
Mr. Tatsuya Kamisako (licensed chef)
Ms. Yumiko Kamisako (licensed nutritionist)
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